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Telephone & Communications

Australian telecommunications and internet infrastructures are comparable to those functioning in the United States.

1. Telephone.

* Calls between the United States and Australia.

  - Calling Australia from the United States: international code 01161 (then punch in the area code without the first zero, then the telephone number).  

  - Calling the U.S. from Australia:  international code 00111 (then punch in area code, then the telephone number).

* Calling the United States.

Most public pay phones and private phones in Australia can handle calls to the U.S., with rates and accessibility depending on the provider you've contracted with. Some public pay phones accept credit cards. The country direct service (check yellow pages for phone number) connects callers in Australia with an American operator for collect and credit card calls.

The availability and use of phone cards in Australia is common. They are for sale at various retail outlets. Phone cards can be used at most public pay and private phones by punching in a toll-free access number and then the card's PIN.

* Calling within Australia.

Local calls from public pay phones cost A$.40; A$.50 at some locations. Long distance calls are charged at various long distance rates.

* Phone Network.

Australia has advanced telecommunications technologies for use with landline, cell and fax services. There are a number of providers: Telstra, Optus, Orange, Vodaphone and AAPT.

Cell phones reach most of the population. However, coverage in the vast empty interior may be spotty and altogether unavailable.

Cellphones  can be rented from locations at the airports and in major cities. It may be possible to bring and use your own cell phone in Australia. Prior to departure, check with your provider on connection fees and contracts and also what equipment you may have to purchase and perhaps attach to your phone for activation.

* Phone Books.

National and state White and Yellow Pages are available in print and online.


2. Internet Access.

Internet access is widely available in Australia at airports, hotels, cybercafes and libraries. Most Australian businesses and households are online. If you're bringing your laptop, there are plenty of ISP options for hook-up in the major cities: America Online, Australia Online, iPrimus, OzEmail and Telstra Big Pond. You'll need to bring or buy a plug connection.

For more information on telephone and communications, a good place to start is the website of the Australian Communications Authority

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